What is a coffee pod?

Coffee pods are pre-measured for single-cup brewing, which means no grinding, no measuring and no mess. One pod makes one perfect cup of coffee. Single-cup brewing was developed as a solution to varying coffee tastes in the office environment. Coffee pods evolved from single-cup brewing systems that have been used in Europe for the past 30 years.

Why coffee pods?

Coffee pod brewing gives you the convenience of making just one cup or many different types of coffee for other members of your home. If mom only drinks decaffeinated coffee and dad likes his fully leaded and extra dark, having a pod brewer solves the problem. And the coffee pods come in so many flavors and types of coffee now that it’s like having a personal barista on your kitchen counter.

The best part about using pods is that the pods have no plastic or aluminum foil to put in the trash. Coffee grounds, filters and the coffee pods used by the Bunn My Café Brewers are 100% biodegradable. Composting used coffee grounds and pods is a great way to return valuable nutrients to garden soil. And you don’t need to worry about chemicals released from heated plastic containers that other single cup systems use.

And unlike other single cup systems, like K-Cups, pods come in different sizes so you can brew a cup of tea or coffee from 4 ounces to 12 ounces or brew a stronger gourmet cup of coffee. That means pods allow more personalization of your beverage choice than other single cup systems. Even with coffee, you can’t please all the people all of the time but with coffee pod brewers you can. And the pods aren’t limited to coffee only, they also come with tea.

Coffee pods are made by many companies and offer a dizzying array of choices. But you can also buy empty pod containers and fill them with your own special favorite blend of tea or coffee. Here are some popular brands of pods: Donut Shop Classics, JavaOne, Lacas Pods, Marley Coffee Pods, Organa Tea, Wolfgang Puck Pods and even Chai tea ! I happen to love African Red Rooibos tea so I make my personal tea pods with it.

Bunn My Café Pod Brewers

Bunn pod coffee brewers are perfect for your kitchen. Some can be plumbed to a waterline for extra convenience. The hot water can also be used for cappuccino, cocoa and soups. They all make great coffee in about 30 seconds and can brew tea in less than a minute with a button that provides the steeping action.

The My Café Pourover and the My Café Automatic pod coffee brewers are good choices. With the My Café Pourover you pour water in to start brewing while the My Café Automatic is plumbed to a waterline so you just push a button to brew. Both take coffee pods of varying sizes so you aren’t limited to one maker or cup size. These two are commercial grade so they are built to last.

There is also the Bunn MC Home which is less expensive than the commercial grades. Not only that it has the flexibility to use pods, standard tea bags, ground coffee, loose teas and even K-Cups!

No matter which you choose you can’t go wrong because you’ll always be able to have the coffee or tea you just happen to be in the mood for.

Bunn My Cafe Commercial Pod Brewer

Bunn My Cafe Home Pod Brewer