Newco IA Automatic Coffee Brewers

The Newco IA (ACE Intelli-Brew) series automatic coffee brewers combine the benefits of an environmentally sound brewer with the advanced brewing features of a gourmet coffee shop system. The IA series are smart, energy-conserving brewers that can power down when not in use saving energy dollars. The IA series brewers feature:

  • Energy Savings: Conserves energy when brewer is not in use.
  • Heater Override: Thermostat turns heating elements on the same moment a brew cycle is initiated, providing better brewing temperatures and reduced recovery time.
  • Power save / Power down: Reduces the number of times the brewer cycles which prolongs life of components.
  • Auto-Arm: Checks water temperature before brewing to ensure optimum brew temperature.
  • Pulse Brewing: Pulses your chosen water volume onto the coffee bed for ultimate taste profile accuracy.
  • Automatic warmer shutoff

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