Fetco CBS-2142-XTS Twin 1 Gallon Coffee Brewers

The Fetco CBS-2142-XTS coffee brewers are great twin brewers for brewing directly into 1 gallon Luxus thermal servers on their stands. They feature:

  • 2 x 1.0 gallon size provides flexibility in small- to medium-sized operations.
  • Extractor® technology allows you to precisely dial-in the profile of even the most complex coffee blend to unlock its full freshness, aroma and flavor.
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface display allows for quick and easy access to brew controls to quickly begin the brewing process for up to 8 separate coffee recipes and/or batch sizes.
  • The convenient one gallon size is perfect for multiple recipe offerings found in segments
    such as C-Stores, Bakery Café, QSR, etc.
  • Designed to brew directly into our best-selling Luxus® L3D series portable dispensers and L3S series servers (sold separately).

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